Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge - Rina Yokoi & Chantelle Shaw

Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge

By Rina Yokoi & Chantelle Shaw

  • Release Date: 2012-01-24
  • Genre: Women


Now that her father's jewelry business is on the verge of bankruptcy, Tahlia resorts to frequenting socialite parties as a means to finding celebrity customers. There she meets Thanos Savakis, an overwhelmingly handsome young Greek hotel tycoon. But as it turns out, he's the man responsible for her father's desperation! Tahlia is the object of his revenge—but he offers to save her family's business if she becomes his mistress, half forcing her into making the deal with him. Thus begins their days of sadistic pleasure in a luxury hotel. But what’s the truth behind Thanos's revenge, and what does he actually feel for her?.