Heart of Stone 2 - Ryo Arisawa & Diana Palmer

Heart of Stone 2

By Ryo Arisawa & Diana Palmer

  • Release Date: 2019-04-07
  • Genre: Femmes


Even as she pretends to date his younger brother, Keely harbors secret feelings for Boone, a farmer eleven years her senior. Then Boone appears before her at a party—almost as though he had been waiting for her—and invites her to dance. His strong arms, the fragrance of his cologne… Keely spends a dreamlike hour as he leads her around the dance floor. He was always so cold with her before, so what’s changed? After taking a confused Keely out to the terrace, Boone steals a kiss and whispers, “Put yourself in my hands.” But no matter her feelings, it can’t go any further than this… After all, the world thinks she’s dating Boone’s brother!