His Marriage To Remember - Ryo Arisawa

His Marriage To Remember

By Ryo Arisawa

  • Release Date: 2018-05-02
  • Genre: Femmes


Bria's husband, Sam, is a Texan multimillionaire. Bria comes running to the hospital after hearing he's been taken there after being severely injured, and she's shocked by the words Sam speaks when he awakens from his coma. "Did we do it this time, sweetheart? Are you pregnant?" Can it be…he doesn't remember? Due to her miscarriage five months ago, the two of them had a huge falling-out and separated, but he doesn't remember any of it! Bria decides to live with Sam until he's recovered, but how is Bria's heart supposed to handle spending sweet days together as if they were newlyweds when they were planning on divorcing?