The Frenchman's Mistress - Ryo Arisawa

The Frenchman's Mistress

By Ryo Arisawa

  • Release Date: 2017-09-16
  • Genre: Femmes


One rainy night, Caitlin arrives at her new home in the French countryside only to discover it’s run-down and doesn’t even have electricity. Her old patient and friend Mard left her his old house, but this isn’t what she was expecting. Seeing an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway, Mard’s old friend Ray stops by to check on things. There he sees Caitlin, who’s unsure of what to do about her new situation. Despite being suspicious of Mard’s decision to leave Caitlin his old house, Ray invites her to stay at his own estate. Is Ray just being a friendly neighbor, or does he have ulterior motives in mind?